Saturday, February 8, 2014

Let's Try This Again

In the words of an intelligent French toaster:
"Let's try zis again, and I want you to use 
both your brain cellz zis time!"

Wow, it's been a long time since I posted anything here.  I honestly meant to...but...never did.  I have a backlog of posts I want to write, so hopefully I will be posting at least once a week from now on. 

Okay, so summary of the last few months:

                   November and December

I was able to sustain a moderated version of the Liver Shrinking Diet once I found out that I could have a snack in between shakes and dinner. That helped a lot.  I was able to cut out sugary carbs, general carbs, and soda almost completely.  However my  portion sizes on snacks and dinner were still bigger than they were supposed to be.  I was able to keep this going for about six weeks - which is the longest I have ever stuck to a diet/meal plan before.  So woot!  Go me!

During this time I went from 433 lbs to 422 lbs, so I lost a total of 11 lbs - Yippee!

And then came Christmas and family.

I gotta tell, that wagon I fell off of was pretty high off the ground, and I crashed down so hard that I still have a bruise on my butt. 

Seriously, it was a holiday with lots of fun and stress and all kinds of goodies around and I threw my self control out the window.  I was gobbling up sugar and cookies and candies like there was no tomorrow.  Right around New Year, I had a crash into a terrible 3-day depression that, while I am sure was partly seasonal, partly situational, was also quite possibly sugar related.  I came to the conclusion that eating so much sugar after going so long without it was seriously f-ing up my body chemistry (and yes, "f-ing up" is a technical term).  So I pulled myself out of it and started cutting back. 


I was really nervous when I had my monthly weigh in on January 9. I was pretty sure that I must have gained back all 11 lbs, but it turned out that I had only gain 2.  WTF?!?  I was really happy, but confused until I remembered that I spent 3-5 days with a really bad stomach flu that hit the whole family and made Christmas day look like the set of the Exorcist after 21 takes.  So that probably helped keep my weight down.

Even after the holidays are over I have found it really hard to stop consuming a crap load of crappy-crap carbs and am really struggling to get back on the LS Diet. I'll go a day or two without eating sugary stuff like ice cream or cookies, but then totally decimate half a box of Lucky Charms in one sitting.  Ugh.  I overdosed on Leprechauns.


So now we come to today.  I started back on the diet yesterday by replacing my morning meal with the shake and not eating sugary carbs.  I am still consuming bread and pretzels but I will stop those in two days - I need to ease into losing all the carbs I think. Then we'll see how it goes. 

My weigh in at home yesterday was 416 and today at the doctor's it was 419 (why can't all scales weigh the same?).  So I am defenately under 420 lbs and officially only have 10 lbs left to lose before I can schedule the surgery, although I am hoping to be under 400 by that point. 

I still have a number of things to do in preparation for my final appointment with the surgeon at the end of March.  My goal is to have all my dinos in a row before then so that I can schedule the surgery at that appointment. 

Here's hoping!