Friday, November 19, 2010

Over the River and Through the Corn Mother's house I go. I'm heading back to CU for a couple of days to hang out with my parents before coming back to KC with them for Thanksgiving (it makes sense if you know my family). But shh! Only my parents are supposed to know I'll be in CU cause I really won't have time to hang out with my CU peeps (maybe lunch. maybe), but I'll see them in a few weeks anyway.

So what does all this have to do with the "fat chick trying not to be fat" blog? Well, when I visit my mom I eat horribly. I tend to view travelling itself as an oppertunity to eat whatever I want -- hey I'm travelling! Rules can be broken! But then I binge and that's no good. Mostly though the problem is at my mom's house for two reasons:

1. I love my mother dearly but being in her house can stress me out and lead me down the thorny path of eating all the chocolate I can find. Emotional eating: terrible habit, but hard to break.

2. Again, I love my mother dearly but dear lord I am terrified of her fridge. It's packed full of stuff and I do not know how long it's been in there. She says everything is fine to eat but some of the things I've tried to eat and found not edible is not a small number. Which leads me back to a diet of chocolate and whatever I can find that I know is safe to eat.

This may be a terrible thing to reveal in a public blog, but it is a huge worry for me with staying close to the weight I'm at now (406) and not to gain 5-10 pounds due to chocolate consumption.

So here's hoping all will go well!

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  1. My best suggestion. . stock up on foods that are better for you and make yourself eat them instead of what your mom has or what you want to eat. every time you feel like having chocolate. .eat a carrot. It works especially well if there is some kind of healthier snack you really like. maybe protein bars.