Sunday, November 28, 2010

Turkey Calories Don't Count

Seriously, do the calories consumed on Thanksgiving really count? One the one hand yes, and on the other no. I don't eat like that every day. I don't think anyone does. Or could. But what does it say about the US that one of our biggest national holidays revolves around a freaking huge meal? And don't get me started on the historical ramifications of the dietary choices of current foods versus pilgrim fare. Pilgrims did have cool hats though. Gotta get me one of those.

It's not just one day of course. There are leftovers that must be eaten. And sadly those calories do count! Still, I am recovering from the day-of-much-fatty-goodness, but I haven't weighed myself yet. I'm kinda scared. I'll do the weigh in first thing tomorrow and hopefully won't have done as much damage as I think I did. Darn you corn casserole! Why must you taste so good strange-pretzel-jello-salad-I-never-tasted-before-but-now-dream-of-being-reunited-with?

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