Monday, August 2, 2010

Is Zucchini Bread a dessert?

Day Two went pretty well overall. I ignored the taunts of the box of donuts -- even when I gave half of one to my niece I still resisted. I did eat Zucchini Bread though (3 slices (not all at once)) but does that count as a "sweet"? It's a sweet bread, but it has vegetables in it so does that automatically cancel out the sugar factor in dessert terms? I helped Gen and the kids make it from fresh Zucchini grown in the garden in the backyard so naturally I wanted to enjoy it too. And dude, it's like the best batch of Zucchini bread ever.

Still haven't had soda -- just water and milk. I'll have had almost all 64 oz of recommended daily water so that's good. Filling up a ginormous mug helps get there pretty fast. I may have to have some caffeinated tea soon cause I think I'm getting headaches from the lack of caffeine. Or I'm just imagining symptoms because I know I'm off caffeine. Given my gigamatoric imagination (which includes inventing new words apparently) it's probably the latter rather then the former.


  1. Caffeine headaches usually start for me on the third full day without it, sooner if I've been overdosing on the stuff up until then. The headaches do go away after a few days, but it suuuuuuucks until then.

    I wouldn't beat yourself up over homemade zucchini bread. Yes, it's technically a "sweet", but it's a thousand times healthier than store-bought donuts, that's for sure.

  2. If you want to tinker around, try reducing the amount of sugar and adding applesauce or honey instead.

    this woman has great recipes -

    Also - what are your thoughts on green tea? It has a little caffeine, but also loads of anti-oxidants.

  3. oh also have you seen the website: ? it's great for support and good advice and tracking everything. I'd stay away from the idea of eating one thing healthy cancels out something unhealthy. Trading off on calories/carbs/protein is good but the other way is probably way too inaccurate for something that is already not an exact science.

    I agree with Annamarie. . also trying different teas can be really good-lots of different flavors with very little badness if any.

    Oh and one more thing: sounds like you have it, but don't be afraid of small steps, or even going back a little, as long as you over all keep making progress toward your goals. think in terms of weeks instead of days if you can. It's o.k. for things to fluxuate, in fact that keeps your metabolism on it's toes.

    (and if you like books-check out the eat clean diet book--fantastic stuff)

  4. lots of great ideas! thanks everyone! I'll have to see if I have any green tea. I might.

  5. I have gone off caffeine myself before (and have WAY, WAY less than I used to), and the headaches are a problem, but they will go away. I blame Dee and the Stasheff genes for making it more difficult, but I agree with your other friends (fans?) that the longer you stay away from regular soda the easier it is - I don't really care for it at all anymore, because it seems too sweet. Moderation is also important on an adventure like this one - as you did, don't deny yourself completely something special like the zucchini bread (or beat yourself up about having a piece), but draw the line and don't go overboard.

    Hang tough, it will be worth it to be healthier! We're all here for you!