Sunday, August 1, 2010

Small Success

So I successfully made it through the whole day without eating any sweets even though plenty were available. This may not seem like much of an achievement, but considering the severity of my addiction to sugar it's a huge step. Most of all I know I have the willpower to resist if I really want to. That's huge. Now to see if I can sustain it for the rest of the week. After the first week I'll allow myself very small portions of sweets once or twice a week.

The hardest part was staring down a box of delicious looking donuts during my late lunch/snack time this afternoon.

It was hard -- very hard -- but I resisted temptation. Yay!

(And yes, my cartoon version of me reflects the image of me in my mind -- a normal sized redhead. Clearly my brain prefers illusion to reality.)


  1. It would seem you also picture yourself with an enormous bobble head... ;)

    Seriously, though, congrats. I too am weak in the face of donuts.

  2. Good job, Ele, way to fend it off! Getting all that out of your living space will help, too, because then it's not just there for you if you do give in a little - you would have to make a conscious effort to go out and purchase it (by which time, hopefully you would change your mind!) Hang in there!

  3. Good job! every little step counts. My only advice (If you want it) is to make it as convenient as possible to eat healthy non sweet(s) (even clean as in Eat Clean diet) foods as possible. If you are not living alone it's harder to insist that there not be sweets around at all, but you could maybe ask others to not put them out and offer them.

    Keep celery and nuts and veggies around and try to stay full on good stuff? --I find that I have the most willpower to eat right when I have not been starving myself.

    *hug* you can do it!