Monday, August 2, 2010

Another step I'm taking is giving up soda for as long as I can (it makes my tummy unhappy if I drink too much anyway) and instead drinking only water, milk (at meals), and unsweetened hot or iced tea (my only caffine option left without soda or chocolate). Mostly I'm focusing on trying to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day since water can fill you up and is good for you in oh so many ways. The only problem is it's flavorless so that's taking some getting used to.

I have had a lot of friends and family comment here and on facebook with lots of support and I have to say that's totally awesome and great motivation for me to keep going. It's like running a marathon -- it's just easier with people cheering you on along the way. Mind you I've never run a marathon, but I imagine that helps. Some people have also commented on me starting this blog as being very brave. I'm not sure how, but I'll take the compliment anyway. Thanks everyone!

Also, another obstacle I failed to mention is the fact that I live with my sister and her family, so sweets are around. I can't really control what food she has on hand, but I know that she supports me in this effort and will gladly hide the sweets and get more veggies if I ask her to. (She has a lot of veggies already so that's not really the issue.)

In other news, I spent brunch being taunted by the donuts again. But they lost their allure in the face of potato salad. Not the most healthly of lunch sides, I know, but infinately better than donuts.


  1. If flavorless water makes you crazy, consider getting some of those low-cal powder packets (Propel, Crystal Light, and Snapple all make them) - the kind that go in a bottle of water and have nutrients and stuff. You won't have to worry about the bubblies or the acid of soda bothering your tummy. They even have caffeinated ones.

    I hear that once you've been off soda for long enough you lose your taste for it, that it tastes too syrupy.

    As for the bravery, well, the internet can be a scary place. It takes guts to put yourself on display in front of the entire world like this. But you are the Yibbs, and the Yibbs can do anything. (Duh.)

  2. lol. I like dem praise for the da yibbs. Thank you! Seriously, I put myself out there for the world to see on a daily basis and I figured I won't be any more judged by strangers on the internet them I am by strangers in real life, but this way I can tell them to shut up and block them from commenting again without jail reprocussions (hopefully).

    I've tried the crystal light stuff and it's pretty good. I just feel like I'm a wimp if I can't handle water. And it's not exactly cheap stuff -- but cheaper then soda the way I was consuming it. Caffinated you say? I must try it!

  3. Yeah, Bill just bought the Diet Snapple stuff and it had caffeine. He said it was really good and worked well as a soda replacement.

  4. sugar is super hard to give up - I do it occasionally for a week or two - so I'm right there with you. Be gentle with yourself! You might get headaches or feel ill, but that will pass. I swear it gets easier!

    I'm so excited for you! hang in there!

  5. as far as Crystal light and such goes, just make sure it's not full of high fructose corn syrup. That stuff is worse than real sugar any day.

    I also can say that once you start prefering water and tea, it only get easier. I started out cutting my pop out when I basically was too cheap to get it all the time and so I only had it when my grandmother got it for me. Eventually I stopped even wanting it really when I went home to visit. Now I drink wine instead. When I'm at home I mean. . cause my parents have become much more interested in alcohol the last 5 or more years than they ever used to be. .

    but anyway yeah! lemon or cucumber in water can be great as well! Just think about how good the water tastes every time you drink it. And carry a water bottle around all the time.. helps keep you from drinking the "bad stuff" in much the same way that keeping full on something "good" helps keep you from craving "bad stuff".

    *hug* you rock!