Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pancakes of Doom

Tuesday (Day 3) went great, although I only drank about three glasses of water and two glasses of milk. Not quite enough but better then I used to do. Milk level was fine but I need to chug more water. And tea. Need to add in the tea.

Today however I backslid, which is okay -- it's bound to happen I just can't let it throw me off course completely like it usually does. Gen made chocolate chip pancakes for lunch and since I only eat CCcakes about once every other year I totally had some. I ate two regular pancakes with less syurp then usual and then had about a half of a CCcake. so not terrible but not great either. however I refuse to beat myself up over that. I did later on consume two chocolate chip cookies but they ended up not tasting as good as I remembered and paled in comparison to the CCcakes so I think it was ultimately good to eat those because I know I am losing some of my edge for sweets. That's good to know.

Someone suggested counting weeks instead of days, but right now it's only been a few days so for me making it through a whole day is easier then thinking in terms of weeks. After a week or two then I'll start counting weeks. Did that make sense? I also found out that blueberries are one of the healthiest foods around so since Gen buys blueberries in bulk I'm set for a healthy snack!


  1. Still sounds like a good attitude! and the making it day by day makes sense. I just meant that it's o.k. to go up and down per day (though obviously staying near your goals each day is not a bad way to do it) but it's actually good to keep your metabolism guessing. do what you need to do though *hug*

  2. Mmm...CCcakes sound tasty. And besides, if you deny yourself all your faves there's more of a chance of a binge later - at least, if you're like me.

    I figure if taking it day by day is what works for you, then do it.

    Blueberries are awesome. My doc also recommended them to help with my depression.

  3. Wow this sounds like a great plan. Love the blueberries. I did not see a post since Tues/Wed please keep it up.

  4. you still blogging about this? how are you doing? with it?